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Meadowdale Labrador Puppies


Meadowdale Gundogs - Kennel Club 'Assured Breeders'


We are delighted to announce that 'Lucy' has had her puppies. A super litter of 6 puppies - 5 bitches and 1 dogs


We have always had the 'working type' of Labrador Retriever.  Enjoying either a days shooting, working tests and being a member of the family.


The lucky sire is a delightful black dog, called 'Finn'. He is a super young dog, who is a 'Field Trial Winner', with a wonderful temperament.  Very loving, affectionate and eager to please.


Both parents are FULLY health tested and clear


This  is an ALL black litter.  


Use the above 'tabs' to navigate this dedicated site to the litter



Please note that ALL of these puppies will be Hereditarily CLEAR for



Both parents are Hip and Elbow scored


Both parents hold current eye certficates


For full information on these issues see the 'Health' page

New photos added 2.4.2018

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